Do you feel in changing the game?

We can help you clarify your personal purpose and build the capacities, skills, connections and confidence to get into motion.

We feel you: changing the game can be hard...

Are you feeling frustrated or helpless in regard to the limited abilities you have to bring change into areas of your life and/or your organisation?  

Do you know your purpose and how to use it as a compass to move through life? Do you know how to align your individual purpose with a broader collective (organisational) purpose?  

Do you sometimes feel you are fighting this fight by yourself? Would you like to feel the presence of other Gamechangers and have the opportunity to co-create with them?  

Are you still struggling to meet your basic needs (trapped in a survival loop)? Would you like to further develop your skills to lead change?

Would you like to know how to create a more healthy, meaningful and regenerative work- and lifestyle and support others to do the same?

We are here to support you and co-create!

We experience ourselves and see many of you with a desire and certain qualities to change the game whilst having a 

  • need to further develop your own skills and organisations, 
  • be guided on your transformation journey, 
  • come together and 
  • learn how to find a balance between listening, sensing, and co-creating what wants to emerge. 

We are offering a variety of online courses, in person events, embodied practices and coaching to support you.

Anything missing? Let us know!

Gamechanger coaching

We fully believes in the power coaching has to support us clarify and move towards our dreams and purpose.

We ourselves are constantly receiving coaching to learn and develop new ways to keep our relationships clean, to open our internal conversations so that we can deal with whatever is boiling inside, clarify our purpose and discover inner resources that have become invaluable in our work as coaches but also as fathers, and men. 

P+M’s powerful coaching experiences integrate insightful conversations, deep dives into our emotional world and meaningful embodied exercises, and have proven to: 

  • Enhance your ability to achieve your dreams,
  • Understand better how your body, your emotions, and your mind can play together to create a coherent perception of yourself,
  • Clarify your purpose in life and understand better the meaning of your work, 
  • Build, sustain, and rebuild trust in your personal and professional relationships,
  • Find your way in the midst of uncertainty, complexity, and change to create a meaningful and purposeful life.

Curious if coaching could be something for you? 

The Gamechanger's Journey (self-paced online course)

Purpose is one of the strongest driving forces we have as humans to inspire us to move and create. If you are struggling to figure out what it is you really want to dedicate your energy to, if you’re feeling blocked living out your purpose, or if you feel you could do so much more to help us all transition to a healthier, more meaningful and regenerative way of living, this 10-hour-long self-paced transformation course is what you need. This course is based on the Hero’s Journey, and it follows an intuitive, organic and well-tested pathway to support you to

  • clarify your purpose & connect it to the bigger context of society,
  • skill up (self-awareness, meta-reflection, embodiment, leadership and feedback),
  • effectively deal with the complexity that changes bring into our life,
  • change the system (close system around you & beyond).

Embodied practices

Changing the game starts within. One of the basic conditions for Gamechangers to be effective in inspiring others to change, is to lead by example. Walking the talk requires to learn how to include our bodies, emotions and spirit together with our minds. It requires us to envision, feel and connect to the new world we are dreaming of. Changing the game requires from us to embody the change we wish to see in the world. P+M’s embodied practices are meant to provide Gamechangers with the tools and practices needed for them to:

  • Enhance the awareness of their body and learn how to take better care of themselves
  • Learn how it feels to relate with others from a set of values based on collaboration, empathy, and togetherness that is different to the one we practice every day based on individualism, competition, and separation.
  • Integrate different part of the self (mind, emotions, body and spirit) into one coherent being.
  • Dive deep into their bodies and emotions and learn the value they have to be the change.
  • Lead others through the process of facing their fears and find the courage to move out from their comfort zones.

Emerging Pathways Retreats
(for "space holders" of transformation processes)

Some of the rarest resources in most of our lives today are silence, time to reflect and the sense of deep connection to ourselves, each other and nature

This is the aim of the “Emerging Pathways Retreats” at Gut Stolzenhaben (around 1h away from Berlin, Germany), where an intimate and curated group of experienced “space holders” of multiple transformation processes (coaches, consultants, trainers, facilitators, healers etc.) come together to regenerate, reconnect and re-orient themselves towards their individual and collective purposes

During the retreat, we prototype alternative ways of co-creating, respecting what wants to emerge from the group at every step. 

Are you ready to change the game?

We can lead the transition towards a healthier, more meaningful and regenerative world. Changing the game starts with changing yourself. We are here to support you and co-create. That journey starts with a no obligation, free conversation.

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