Embodied Practices

for Gamechangers

What role can embodiment play in changing the game?

We have found that one of the most effective and underutilised tools to support Gamechangers are embodied practices. We believe that understanding the need for change or even envisioning the change needed are not the biggest challenges we face, but that many of us struggle to fully embody the change we want to see in the world. That’s why we create spaces for you as Gamechangers to train how to be with yourself, with others and as a collective in a new ways, lead by example as you embody new values and an inspiring purpose.

We are at a moment of human evolution when we are required to step up and meet the challenge of assuming our role as protectors of life. This means re-creating the meaning of what being human is and re-thinking things such as production and consumption, the way we live together, the ways how we work together, the quality of the relationships we have and our responsibility towards the environment and society, among others. This process doesn’t only require knowing about the change, but it also, and even more importantly, means being able to embody the change you wish to see in the world.

That’s why at P+M we offer the embodied practices to support Gamechangers in their mission to transform systems around them.

Can I get a flavour of what embodiment feels like?

If you want to experience how we approach the work with the body and how important it can be for our wellbeing, we invite you to watch a video on our YouTube channel and do a small experiment

All you need is 6 minutes, a quiet space where you can hear the instructions and feel safe (we recommend a space where there are no people around to watch you as this could make you feel not comfortable enough to fully go with the experiment). Trust us, it’s worth it!

How can I experience embodied practices with you?

We offer in-person spaces on a regular basis in Berlin and provide online trainings, whilst also being present at various events organised by others in a variety of other places around the world.

If you are interested in either having us join your event to host an embodied practice session or co-organise an event or session, we would love to hear from you via [email protected]

Our current focus around embodied practices is on the following formats:

Upcoming Biodanza Events

You can find below all upcoming embodied practice events we are hosting or supporting.

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Biodanza by Pablo

Presence / Dance Journeys


16 January - 27 February 2024

7 Dance Journeys In Berlin 




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Biodanza Specialization

Biocentric Systems For Organisations

Organised by:

The Northern School of Biodanza and The Israel Biodanza School 

February 2024


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What do participants say?

"What an amazing experience. I was able to let go of so many layers and allow myself to be totally free in the moment. The feeling is not easy to put into words, it needs to be felt. It’s when the story somehow disappears and I find myself transparent and open. Everything is vibrating, alive and connected. Everywhere I look, I suddenly see love. Pablo has the power to create the space and conditions for this kind of an unfolding to occur. It’s magical."
"My experience with Biodanza was in two words 'ecstatic expansion'. I felt full embodiment of my power and full potential. I realized several breakthroughs in my performance as a coach and trainer that partially put on the account of this session. Pablo is holistically leading Biodanza as if it were his very nature. Million thanks!"
"The Biodanza session I have participated in was a fantastic experience and a great way to get in touch with my true and most genuine self-expression and self-awareness. I felt very connected to the intrinsic knowledge in my own body, and also my mind and spirit felt very aligned with that knowledge! All of this allowed me, in its turn, to be much more present and connected also to the bodies, spiritual dimensions and energy of all the other people participating. A truly precious and beautiful experience!"
"Biodanza sessions are a deeply transformative as well as an utterly enjoyable experience. Each session is unique, and I especially loved how the focus of each session happened to be the perfect fit for what was occurring in my life on that day. Biodanza speaks to the very core of the human being - by engaging you in an exploration of the physical body, it evokes responses in the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as well. It is a very holistic experience that touches you on all possible levels and creates an impact far greater than just physical. During each session, I was inspired, challenged, soothed and embraced by the miracle of music and movement. Pablo is a gifted, insightful facilitator - his wisdom and presence supported this journey and made it so profound."
"After each session, I could still feel my body very alive and vibrating. Biodanza makes me enjoy myself together with others so much, I have never experienced it that way before. I feel much more comfortable in my body, don't care so much how my movements look like, I can really be myself no matter what. Biodanza has also been challenging for me, especially the close contact sessions, but I take it as an opportunity to gently stretch my boundaries and also carefully feel what my needs are at the moment. In a nutshell: having body awareness, being present and having fun with others in movement. Thank you for opening up this space with us."
"Biodanza for me, feels like a re-awakening. I get to leave behind the demands of the day, and re-connect to senses that often get left behind, such as touch, connection and presence. I always feel happier and realigned with myself and life after a class. I re-connect to my my own vital energy, my creativity and my true self."

Are you ready to change the game?

We can lead the transition towards a healthier, more meaningful and regenerative world. Changing the game starts with changing yourself. 

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