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Individual and organisational transformation requires systemic change!

We are aware that transformation at individual and organisational levels will only ever be sustainable, if there is also change at the systemic level. If a leader or even an entire company shifts to working in healthy, meaningful and regenerative ways, but the investors, legislators and other actors in that company’s sector continue acting in the same way, the risk that the company falls back into unsustainable ways of being are large. Therefore, we do our best to contribute to systemic level change wherever we can.

Systemic transformation processes

From 2019 to 2020, we led three processes bringing together diverse actors from specific sectors (the International NGO sector, Berlin based Corporates, and Berlin-Based Embodied Experts), to explore what these multi-stakeholder groups could do to change some of the blockages and systemic issues they faced. These processes lead to deeper connection amongst these actors, meaningful dialogue around these topics, and eventually flowed into other related systems change initiatives (such as the Reimagining the INGO process run by Rights CoLab and Reos Partners).

Communities to foster systemic change

From 2020 onwards, P+M has been prototyping its own community whilst also engaging actively in a number of other communities (Factory Berlin, Business of Purpose, Blueprint for Better Business, HumanPlus, Yunus Social Business, etc.) to connect diverse actors from across these communities and foster system level conversations, initiatives and changes.

The ripple effect of our individual and organisational work

Systemic level change is crucial to support and encourage individual and organisational change. However, no systems level change can happen without individuals making the changes in their lives and work, and organisations adapting their practices, strategies and cultures to healthy, meaningful and regenerative ways of being and doing. We therefore carefully monitor and follow the impact which our work with individuals and organisations has on the others in their sector and circles of influence. We also strategically target Gamechangers and organisations to work with who would multiply this ripple effect, again increasing the likelihood of systemic change.

Are you ready to change the game?

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