The Gamechanger's Journey

(self-paced online course)

Do you feel in changing the game?

Purpose is one of the strongest driving forces we have as humans to inspire us to move and create. We are all aware that life is requiring from us that we change our ways of living, but most of us struggle to figure out what it is we really want to dedicate our energy to to become a powerful agent of change, and how to support others to work together to create a healthier, more meaningful and regenerative world.

If this is your case, this 10-hour self-paced online transformation course is what you need.

What can you expect?


Clarify your purpose and learn how to use it as a compass to change your life and lead change in larger systems. 


Skill up your self-awareness, meta-reflection, embodiment, leadership and feedback abilities.


Understand and effectively deal with the complexity that is increasingly present in our lives. 


Become an agent of change (in the relationships around you and the ones beyond).


Get a taste of the journey & explore the first couple of lessons for FREE (incl. the course intro and overview):

Course information

Dates, place

Self-paced (can start anytime), online

Time required

10 hours in total (on average), we recommend 2 hours per week over 5 weeks


  • 5 modules with materials to read, listen to or watch as well as challenges
  • Optional: 45-min coaching session included (to be used at any point during the journey)


250€* (incl. a 45-min coaching session) + VAT**

*reach out if you feel the call to do the course but cannot afford it at this stage.

**depending on your location.

What do participants say?

“If you are at a point in life where you want to change and you are searching for your purpose this journey will be useful for you. If you are ready and open for active participation and different forms of reflection this will help you to find your place in life.”

“It is a chance to grow, whether you are looking for a purpose or not, you will learn tools and concepts that can be valuable for your journey. It is different from everything else that I’ve seen. It is very well prepared, researched and structured. Bottom line, it will be valuable as long as you approach it with open mind.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Entrepreneurs who imagine and create organisations (startup or other) and who want to learn how a meaningful purpose can make a difference.

Intrapreneurs working within small, medium and large organisations interested in changing the system from within.

Independents who are open to learn or have experience with inner work, embodied skills and change.

Anyone who:

  • feels the need to be part of the millions of people working to transform the world,
  • is eager to co-create a new way of working, living and being (healthier, more meaningful and regenerative),
  • wants to connect to their purpose and turn it into a powerful driving force
  • wants to learn the technical knowhow relevant to changing structures at macro and micro levels, 
  • has a position of authority (formal or informal) in their community(ies)/organisation(s) and wants to bring change
  • is open and skilled to lead
  • has a critical mind, is a disruptor or wants to change the status quo.

The Gamechanger’s Journey will help you to connect your personal purpose and turn this into a mighty driving force to bring change into your life. The course also gives a clear perspective on the big picture of the transition we, as a global society, are currently in – from old ways of living, to new regenerative, healthy and meaningful ways of being.

The course can also help you to connect the personal level transformation (personal purpose) with both the organisation and systemic levels (joint evolutionary purpose) in order for us to start perceiving the ripple effects of our actions.

The Gamechanger’s Journey is an interactive, hands-on online course that will take participants through a journey of deep transformation. This journey is inspired by the Hero’s journey which in itself is based on an archetypal journey of transformation that has been used by humans since the beginning of time.

Through the journey, you will be invited to reflect on your own lifestyle and be presented with information that will inspire you to change. You will learn practical embodied exercises to help you keep the dynamics of change alive, get better at changing the game and understand the deeper layers of transformation that are possible to reach.

In principle there are no requirements to take part in this journey. The (archetypal) technology in which this journey is based is universal and speaks to all humans that have experienced how challenging and rewarding change can be.

The Gamechanger’s Journey self-paced course takes place online, which allows you to access the course at any time from any device (such as laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone) and continue when it is most convenient for you.

You only need a device with access to the internet. All videos and materials are accessible online on our learning platform (Thinkific) and there is no need to download or install anything.

Embodiment (composed by our body, emotions, and spiritual awareness) is a central part of this journey. It is meant to provide access to alternative ways of learning that involve many more parts of ourselves besides the mind.

In each of the five chapters of this journey you will find, besides the documents you can study, exercises to enhance the perception of your body, understand the importance of managing and using your emotions to lead change, perceive how you are part of a larger system and that through small changes you can create systemic ripple effects that can contribute to transform the world.

The journey consists of 5 chapters that can be done at your own pace. Each chapter includes materials to read, listen to or watch as well as challenges. You should calculate 2 hours per chapter. You will additionally find some inspiration or further resources, all of which will accompany you as you move towards your goal for this journey.

We recommend that you do one chapter per week in order to leave enough time for you to process each module, and get the most out of it.

The course starts whenever YOU are ready :). 

It is a self-paced online course that you can do at any time from any device when it is most convenient to you (we recommend to do one chapter per week).

The Gamechanger’s Journey self-paced course consists of 5 chapters with approximately 2 hours per chapter (excluding the time to look at our suggested further inspiration and additional resources).

We recommend doing one chapter per week to leave enough time to process  each module. In total you can expect to spend 2 hours per week and 10 hours in total to complete the course.

The first couple of lessons are FREE for you to get a taste of the course.

If you want to continue and do the full Gamechanger’s Journey, you will need to pay 250€ + VAT (depending on your location) which includes an optional 45-minute coaching session with one of the course creators.

Please reach out if you feel the call to do the course but cannot afford it at this stage.

We are Mike and Pablo from Purpose+Motion. Through our work as consultants, we have supported numerous organisations and individuals in leading change initiatives. By having created and led various international initiatives and projects to co-create a healthier, more meaningful and regenerative future with Gamechangers, we have learned about what it takes to change the game in a sustained way.

We try to live our lives by the same principles we teach and are aware that we are also in the same journey as you. We are committed to support people improving their resilience, highlighting the importance of embodiment in our lives, and co-creating new solutions to challenges we all face.​

This journey is based on ancient technology (the Hero’s journey) and aims at preparing us to create a new future. The journey taps into deep parts of our body, mind and soul in order to help us rewrite patterns of behaviour and relationships

This course is based on the understanding of how important it is right now to have a transcendental purpose (besides surviving or making money) in order to make the best out of the uncertainty that we all feel right now. 

Purpose, embodiment, ancient wisdom, a comprehensive view into our future and openness for something new to emerge make this journey one in its kind.

You will have access to your course in Thinkific (online learning platform) for an unlimited time during and after your course conclusion to go back to the materials at any point in time.

Are you ready for your journey to change the game?

Get started on your personal Gamechanger’s Journey and test the first couple of lessons for FREE.

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