Gamechangers Journey

If you are in the midst of transition and struggling to figure out what it is you really want to dedicate your energy to, if you're decided to create a new direction in life or you're feeling blocked living out the purpose you have been pursuing for some time, this 5-week intensive transformation course launching on 28 January 2021 will support you to:

Clarify your purpose

We are all here to do and be something. This journey will help connect you to what that is now in your life.

Change the System

We are all actors in intersecting systems. We can play by their rules, or we can change these rules. We help you see how.

Skill up

Throughout the process we will be building essential skills such as self-awareness, meta-reflection, embodiment and feedback.

Join the Community!

Over the years we've worked with such a variety of amazing Gamechangers. It's our honour to now connect them all into one community!

Gamechangers Journey course introduction

Course information


Start: 28 January 2021 End: 25 February 2021



1 month (4-6 hours/ week)



• Online workshops
• E-Learning platform
• Coaching
• Triades



• Course fee: €350 (15 Available)
• Scholarship fee: €200 (8 Available)
• Pay-it-Forward fee: €500 (10 Available)

If you are unable to pay these fees or you would like to suggest an alternative form of payment, please do not hesitate to contact us! The course is accessible to all!

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How is this course going to support you?

The course will support you through weekly 2 hour group calls, weekly 1 hour peer-triades, the online course material including exercises, challenges and background information, and individual coaching from Purpose+Motion.

Who is it for?

This course is for Gamechangers working to make the game of life more meaningful, healthy and regenerative.

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What makes our team unique?

Pablo Escorcia

Mike Romig

We are a berlin-based team of entrepreneurs that have created and lead numerous international initiatives and projects. Guided by our passion about embodiment and it‘s crucial role in sustainable social transformation, we are committed to support people improving their resilience, making visible the importance of somatics in our lives, and co-creating new solutions to challenges we all face.​

We bring different nationalities, different areas of expertise (activism, non-profit, business, shamanism), with collectively around 40 years of experience working in one on one contexts and with a great range of groups.
We are passionate about bringing people together, creating and strengthening networks and communities, unlocking the collective intelligence that is needed to achieve the shift which is needed.

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