Our vision

We envision a world where all have meaningful, healthy and regenerative (i.e. not only sustainable, but contributing to regenerate our natural world) work and lives.

Our approach

Coherence: We only bringing to our clients what we have used ourselves, and always striving for our actions, words, emotions and thoughts to be aligned.

Compassion: We meet our clients where they are, starting there, without judgement, to bring them to where they aim to get and where they are able to get to.

Collaborative & Co-creation: We work with humility, knowing that we can only succeed by working together, creating together with many others: be it with our clients, other consultants or stakeholders.

Embodied learning: the understanding that people and organizations learn and transform through a process that requires the active involvement of more dimensions of ourselves that just the mind — namely our body and heart/ emotions.

Psychological Safety: We build trust and safe spaces for our clients (and us) to show vulnerability, to dare to create the new, to innovate, to experiment, to challenge themselves and to grow.

Our purpose

We support organisations to do the “inner work” needed and develop the “new ways of working” to create meaningful, healthy and regenerative work.

By “inner work”, we mean clarifying your purpose, developing relevant cultures and strategies, and building the competencies within your leadership and teams.

“New ways of work” means all the structures, procedures, role descriptions, and plans needed to sustainably run your business in this new way.

Our story

The partnership between Mike and Pablo grew organically since our first interaction in 2015 in Berlin. In 2017, we realised our visions of the world and of work fit well together, and we decided to walk this road together. Today, after 3 years working together in Berlin and around the world, our partnership and how we work together is one of the greatest assets we have to provide our clients. Purpose+Motion is the expression of this partnership and the vehicle for us to achieve our purpose in life.

Juan Pablo Escorcia


I’m a Berlin based entrepreneur, Biodanza teacher, Yogui, coach and consultant. My life has been a journey of searching for my own path by integrating the practical world of business and the integral world of yoga and dance. My goal in life is to lead processes of enhancing human consciousness from gratitude and love to help create a better world.

I have over 15 years’ experience as an organizational consultant, coach and trainer. I have worked designing, facilitating, consulting and implementing more than 200 different organizations reaching more than 4000 people. As a senior consultant I have worked with a wide range of clients that include private companies, public institutions, international NGOs and educational institutions. With extensive experience in the design and implementation of programs focused on strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian assistance, leadership, communication, teamwork and creativity, I have been able to support my clients’ organizational development from a holistic perspective. I am fluent in Spanish and English.

Mike Romig


I have been working for a decade in the nonprofit world, in particular in the human rights and peace building sectors. From working in organisational development in Geneva-based human rights organisations, I realised I wanted to support more organisations and to contribute to larger shifts in the non-profit sector as a whole. In 2014, I began working as an independent consultant in Geneva, Cairo and now Berlin, combining my MBA knowledge, coaching skills and experience to accompany organisations to become effective at reaching their goals and healthy places to work.

I have accompanied dozens of organizational development processes for organisations based in Europe and the MENA region, facilitating change processes, training teams, coaching leaders, and developing tools for monitoring, documentation, or internal coaching. I am fluent in English and French, have basic proficiency in German, and knowledge of Arabic.