Gamechangers: The Purpose-Led Business

This 14-week course, will support you as a leader and your organization to make the most of this transition to the "new normal" and transform your organization and team into a fully purpose led business. Over the course period, you will prototype this change, learning to understand the theory, embody the skills, and create your support community to scale the change into your whole business. Specifically, it will support you to:

Clarify your purpose

To be purpose-led requires crystal clarity on what value your business brings to the world, and how your personal purpose connects to this.

Align your business

With each module, we'll dive deep into how to align different levels of your business to this purpose: your strategy, culture, and systems.

Embody the change

We will help you, as a leader, build the embodied skills to lead the transformation of your business

Meet Gamechangers

The course will connect you with and offer you the support of Gamechangers from a wide range of backgrounds, businesses, and sectors

Course information


2022 new course start dates tbc.


Time required

45 hours of time over 14 weeks (2-3hrs/ week)



• 5 Online Group Sessions of 3 hours each
• Interactive course material on E-Learning platform - expert interviews, concrete exercises, and resources
• 5 Coaching session included
• Peer learning groups - 5 one-hour meet ups



• Course fee: €1600
• Scholarship fee: €1000 (4 Available)
• Pay-it-Forward fee: €2200 (4 Available)

If you are unable to pay these fees or you would like to suggest an alternative form of payment, please do not hesitate to contact us! The course is accessible to all!

Ready to join?

How is this course going to support you?

In the company of a cohort of other Gamechangers, Pablo and Mike (the course facilitators) will accompany you as you identify and run a concrete prototype for this transformation towards being purpose-led. You'll be accompanied by your peers, the coaches and world-renowned experts in the field of purpose, strategy and culture.

When do I need to be free?

You will follow the 15 hour self-paced “Gamechangers’ Journey” which will prepare you for the course by connecting you to your personal purpose and teaching you key concepts and embodied skills.

Then, each of the 5 modules of the course include one 3-hour “live” online group session with all participants and a Peer-to-Peer meetup with 2 other participants (your Triade!).

You will also need roughly 1 hour per 3 week module to complete the coursework which will be explained on the learning platform.

One 1-hour coaching session per module is also included with the facilitators, Mike and Pablo.

Who is the course for?

This course is for Gamechangers who founded, lead or hold decision making roles in businesses, startups or their solopreneur enterprise and are dedicating to making the game of life more meaningful, healthy and regenerative by harnessing their business towards this goal.

What makes our team unique?

Pablo Escorcia

Mike Romig

Purpose+Motion is Berlin-based Social Enterprise which supports Gamechangers to create healthier, more meaningful and renegerative ways of working and living. We accompany individuals and businesses in deep transformations of their ways of working and living. From startups to mid-sized corporations, NGOs to solo-preneurs, we support and coach our clients as they review their strategies, develop growth plans, transform their culture and leadership, and increase their impact. Guided by our passion about embodiment and it‘s crucial role in sustainable social transformation, we are committed to support people improving their resilience, making visible the importance of somatics in our lives, and co-creating new solutions to challenges we all face.

We bring different nationalities, different areas of expertise (activism, non-profit, business, shamanism), with collectively around 40 years of experience working in one on one contexts and with a great range of groups.
We are passionate about bringing people together, creating and strengthening networks and communities, unlocking the collective intelligence that is needed to achieve the shift which is needed.

Learn from the experts

Dr Robert Eccles

Bettina Rollow

Nash Billimoria

Simon Berkler

We are proud to bring some of the world’s leading experts on the topic of Purpose Led Business to speak to course participants.

They will each be focusing on one of the course module topics:

Dr. Robert Eccles is one of the leading thinkers and doers on corporate purpose and how to build sustainable strategies and reporting mechanisms.

When not dead-lifting 400 pounds of weights, Bob is playing his role as a “capital market activist” in a variety of ways.  

He is a Visiting Professor of Management Practice at the Said Business School at Oxford University. Prior to that he was on the faculty at the Harvard Business School where he received tenure in 1989.

Bob is an Eminent Academic Advisor on Global ESG Integration and Reporting to the Boston Consulting Group. He is the Founding Chairman of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and one of the founders of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

In 2011, Bob was selected as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior, for his extensive, positive contribution to building trust in business, and in 2014 and 2015 was named as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics .” He is a prolific writer, including his column on

Bettina Rollow is a bestselling author of the book “New Work needs Inner Work”, executive coach and organizational developer. Her experience ranges from individual coaching, team development to new work. Bettina focuses on complex projects that include the development of organizational culture, structures and leadership as well as the development process of the individual. For Bettina, New Work is not just a structural or process adjustment, but a cultural development and maturation process – for the organization as a whole and for the individual employee. Bettina is co-founder of the think and sense tank Das Dach. She lives in Berlin, Germany.

Nash Billimoria thrives in helping leaders of fast growth tech scale their companies in three dimensions- profit, people & impact. With over a decade in Business Transformation, mostly with Fortune 500 investment banks and having developed his “High Impact Culture” methodology, Nash has established himself as a highly effective business coach in the purpose-driven world. He is also a regular guest speaker and panelist, authored numerous articles on purpose, scaling up, high performing teams and curate an interview series with thought leaders called the ‘Value of Purpose’.

Simon Berkler is co-founder of the B-Corp business consultancy The Dive and of the Shift Collective. He has deep expertise guiding businesses and corporations towards solving today’s global issues, structuring themselves in agile and responsive ways, and building regenerative business models.

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