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Many dream of a better society, we dream for a better world, we dream to express our full potential and change the game for the benefit of all. But most of us are lost in how to become this creative force that can change the game for good. We believe that the only way that we can chavnge the game we are all playing, is by changing the inner mindset we have, learning how to embody the change and especially working collectively to reach more people and open more spaces of transformation. When we speak of mindset we mean the values, beliefs, thoughts we have regarding what is possible and what is not. We believe a shift in values is key to reach a new level of evolution. And, when we speak about embodiment we mean the practices and habits we need in order to authentically be the change we want to create in society and lead by example.

In order for us to achieve the societal transformations needed today, a deeper level of awareness is called for. This deeper level of awareness will be the key for us to be able to sense, feel and listen to what wants to emerge from us. In order for us to become more aware, the relevance of our body, our senses, our emotions are essential. We need to start by training our abilities to feel, to reconnect with ourselves, to integrate traumatic experiences, to find new spaces of freedom and movement, in order to expand our awareness, become more conscious and open for innovation and new possibilities.

This task , as above-mentioned, cannot only be addressed only on the individual level as its mostly done today, instead communities, organizations, and other type of collectives are called to become more aware and open if we are to achieve this deep transformation. For that to happen the role of embodied teachers and experts is key to reach this societal level of awareness. But in order for us embodied experts to reach a bigger audience and play a more important role, we need to come together and explore possibilities to coordinate actions, collaborate and co-create. This project is meant to provide the space for us to come together, learn from each other, sense what wants to emerge and find ways to collectively work to make the biggest difference possible.


This project is a space for us to explore together how we can:

  • Collaborate and support embodiment to be a key element of social transformation.
  • Co-create projects that bring us closer as a collective with a focus on embodiment and social change as well as allow us to gain visibility in a larger scale.
  • Become sustainable agents of an embodied movement by supporting ourselves and others to transform limiting beliefs and habits while strengthening the collective change that is possible.

The “Embodied learning for social transformation” process which will run from February until June 2020 brings together a diverse group of embodied experts with different experiences in and with the embodiment, dance, somatics, etc. We will gather our diverse perspectives about the current state of the community and imagine together how a collaboration, co-creation and collective action could look like.

Far from staying in the theoretical realm, concrete prototypes for systemic change will be developed which can be tested and further developed by the participants. We will use some modalities explored by the year-long Erasmus-funded Project, “All in Movement”. At the same time we will learn tools for “Presencing” from MIT’s Theory U methodologies. By using creativity and embodiment skills, we can quickly find a common language in communities which nurtures dialogue and co-creation.

What process are we following?

The process uses a mix of approaches for systems thinking, sense-making and creative, experimental development of solutions. MIT’s Ulab 2x is the basic framework of the process, while facilitators are integrating other methodologies such as learning journeys, integral theory and embodied learning approaches.

Who is participating?

35 experienced embodiment facilitators from Berlin, with different backgrounds and expertises


Mike Romig and Pablo Escorcia Purpose+Motion (Berlin)
Christa Cocciole (Berlin)