Corporate innovation teams are increasingly asked to develop not only new products or services, but also ensure a transfer to their companies of innovative practices and working cultures including aspects such as collaboration, creativity, sustainability, purpose-driven business, wellbeing. They are asked to change the game, which can be challenging and overwhelming.

The Gamechanger’s Roundtable is a format initiated and facilitated by Factory Berlin and Purpose+Motion which allows corporates to have a safe space for regular, curated meet-ups focusing on subjects such as innovation & creativity, cultural change, sustainability, eco-systems or purpose.


These roundtables are a space for us to:

  • Support teams to innovate in new ways and on new topics, i.e. sustainability, purpose-driven business, wellbeing. How can these be developed company wide? How can they be measured and progress on these shown?
  • Support teams to transfer innovation from Factory Berlin teams to the main business, building the skills of change management and sharing experiences with other teams facing similar situations.
  • Making the most of the factory environment: targeted networking, connecting with each other, co-curating events, and much more.

Who is participating?

10 members of corporate innovation teams based in the Factory Berlin co-working community – from Porsche to Siemens, Daimler to Ergo.


Mike Romig and Pablo Escorcia Purpose+Motion (Berlin)