“At it’s fundamental core, societal progress is about “game change”; it’s when the background rules of life’s interactions — everyday, normal interactions — change and evolve. Progress is when the game of life becomes fairer, kinder, more transparent, more rational, more fulfilling.”

Hanzi Freinacht, The Nordic Ideology, 2019

We work to change the game. One of our favourite tactics to change the game is to hunt down gamechangers wherever they are hiding. Be it working deep inside a global corporation to create new ways of doing business, driving a Non-Governmental Organisations to more effectively tackle urgent global issues, or supporting people to reconnect to their intuition and embodied intelligence to transform themselves and society: these gamechangers are everywhere. We bring them together, nurture them and support them in their brave efforts to create a fairer, kinder, more transparent, more rational and more fulfilling world. Below (and in this blogpost) you can learn more about what we are doing to bring game changers together to shift the systems in which they work towards being more sustainable, transparent and collectively coordinated for the wellbeing of all.

Reinventing the INGO system

Most of us who have worked in the international NGO sector over the last few decades agree that, despite the incredible effort and dedication of many in the sector to creating a more equal and sustainable world, there are underlying structural and cultural issues which limit the NGO sector’s sustainability and effectiveness, whilst others have deep negative impacts on the wellbeing of those working in the sector as well as the beneficiaries the sector is aiming to help.

Embodied Learning for Social Transformation

. We believe that the only way that we can change the game we are all playing, is by changing the inner mindset we have, learning how to embody the change and especially working collectively to reach more people and open more spaces of transformation. When we speak about embodiment we mean the practices and habits we need in order to authentically be the change we want to create in society and lead by example.

Corporate Gamechangers Roundtable – Factory Berlin

Corporate innovation teams based at Factory Berlin are increasingly asked to develop not only new products or services, but also ensure a transfer to their companies of innovative practices and working cultures including aspects such as collaboration, creativity, sustainability, purpose-driven business, wellbeing. They are asked to change the game, which can be challenging and overwhelming.

Interested in us running a Gamechanger process for you?

If you feel the system you work in needs a serious overhaul, and you know the kind of people who are needed to shift things, let’s convene a gamechanger programme to support them in this effort.

Upcoming courses

Embodiment for Social Transformation

"Embodiment for Social Transformation" is a 6 month online course and process launching on 25 January 2021 that is designed to support Gamechangers to enhance your ability to achieve social change by building your embodied skills.

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