Gamechangers Ecosystem

We work to change the game of life to being healthier, more meaningful and regenerative. We do so by supporting Gamechangers : We bring them together, nurture them and support them in their brave efforts.

Over the next years, we are building an ecosystem of support for Gamechangers - online courses, processes, coaching and community to help them build the capacities, connections and confidence to keep contributing to the social transformation we all know is needed.

Below you can learn more about what we are doing to support individual gamechangers, to support them to transform their organisations and to bring them together to shift the systems in which they work.

Individual Gamechangers

We provide spaces for Gamechangers to clarify their purpose, understand how the skills and resources they have can contribute to this purpose and how they can build their skills or access all the support, networks and resources they need to make their impact as powerful as possible.

With the Gamechanger's Journey and the Embodiement for Social Transformation course you can supercharge your Gamechanger abilities going in 2021! Learn more about these 2 courses below.

Gamechangers in organisations

Gamechangers are sometimes working alone, but usually are within larger companies, organisations or communities. Many are wanting to work in wholy new, healthier and more regenerative ways.

We support them to do this. For now, this is through our coaching and consulting work, and soon with specific online courses and processes.

Gamechangers transforming systems

All Gamechangers are living and working within larger systems (the corporate world, the INGO sector, etc). We believe many issues cannot be solved at the individual or organisational level, but require addressing the systemic level.

In 2020 we co-led with partners 3 systemic change processes: in the INGO sector, the corporate partners of Factory Berlin and Embodiment sector in Berlin.

Upcoming courses for Gamechangers

Gamechangers Journey

If you are in the midst of transition and struggling to figure out what it is you really want to dedicate your energy to, or if you're feeling blocked living out the purpose you have been pursuing for some time, this 20-hours intensive transformation course launching very soon is definitely for you.

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Embodiment for Social Transformation

A four-month online course and process launching on March 2021 that is designed to support Gamechangers to enhance your ability to achieve social change by building your embodied skills.


- How to discover and embody your purpose

- How to effectively deal with changes

- How to "read" your somatic anchors

- How to think in terms of global systems while acting locally

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Sign up for our free webinar that will take place on Tuesday, February 16th at 5pm CET! Learn more about these two courses, answer all your questions and connect with other potential participants!