Embodiment for Social Transformation

A four-month online course and process launching on March 2021 that is designed to support Gamechangers to enhance your ability to achieve social change by building your embodied skills, including:

How to discover, clarify and embody your purpose

How to effectively deal with changes and create positive disruptions to lead change

How to ”read” your somatic anchors to include more dimensions of yourself into your life experience

How to think in terms of global systems while acting locally

EST also supports Gamechangers to connect with others that share a similar vision. We believe in the power of the collective and the possibility we have to unlock our collective intelligence.

As part of EST you will be part of a diverse community of gamechangers that are committed to achieve change.

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Course structure

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If you want to learn more about the structure of the Embodiment for Social Transformation course as well as about the content we will cover, we encourage you to join our next free webinar that will take place next February 16th from 5 to 6 pm CET!

Course information


Start: March 2021
End: June 2021



4 months (70 hours)



• Online workshops
• E-Learning platform
• Coaching
• Triades



• Course fee: 1500€ (15 places)
• Scolarship: 750€ (5 places)
• Pay it forward: 2000€ (10 places)

If you are unable to pay these fees or you would like to suggest an alternative form of payment, please do not hesitate to contact us! The course is accessible to all!

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What are Embodiment and Social Transformation about?

Why is Embodiment important for Social Change right now?

Deep social change

We believe that the need for deep societal change is urgent. Many of us lack the skills or the necessary support to embody the change we want to see in the world.


We believe that embodiment (the ability to connect to and consciously use our mind, emotions and body intelligence) offers a powerful set of tools for individual and social transformation.

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Who is it for?

This course is for Gamechangers working to make the game of life more meaningful, healthy and regenerative. In particular, those interested in:


Interested in bringing embodiment into your work and learn how to embody the change you want to see in the world.

Social Transformation

Aiming to bring about social transformation – whether working with NGOs, in politics, education, etc.


Wanting to be part of a community of Gamechangers ready to co-inspire to create a new world.

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Pablo Escorcia

Christa Cocciole

Mike Romig

What makes our team unique?

We are a berlin-based team of entrepreneurs that have created and lead numerous international initiatives and projects. Guided by our passion about embodiment and it‘s crucial role in sustainable social transformation, we are committed to support people improving their resilience, making visible the importance of somatics in our lives, and co-creating new solutions to challenges we all face.​

We bring different nationalities, different areas of expertise (therapy, activism, non-profit, business, shamanism), with collectively
around 70 years of experience working in one on one contexts and with a great range of groups.
We are passionate about bringing people together, creating and strengthening networks and communities, unlocking the collective
intelligence that is needed to achieve the shift which is needed.

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