Embodied Practices

We dance for life, we move as a desperate act of survival, we dance to nurture our inner fire so our bodies can shine and our soul can heal, we move to prepare ourselves to embody the change we wish to see in the world. 

We, at P+M, are committed to supporting our clients and network by providing useful tools to improve the way they work and live. One of the tools we have found effective are embodied practices. We believe that one of the biggest challenges most of us have right now is to embody the change we want to see in the world. that’s why we have created in-person spaces in Berlin for us to train how to be with ourselves and each other in a new way.


We are at a moment of human evolution when we are required to step up and meet the challenge of assuming our role as protectors of life. This means re-creating the meaning of what being human is and rethinking such things as production and consumption, the way we live together, the quality of relationships we have, our responsibility towards the environment, among others.

We are in the midst of an evolutionary quantum leap that invites us to remember our true nature and act to thrive and expand as species. Meeting points where this awakening can take place and is reflected upon are needed and the embodied practices we offer here is our way to contribute to this evolutionary movement.   

Upcoming Dance cycle

Journeys into the Self

16.08.22 – 27.09.22  

Looking to feel alive, we touch each other and ourselves.
Wanting to open up we let others in.
Willing to grow we challenge ourselves.
Hoping to feel God within us, we dance and move.

This dance cycle will be centred on this journey to rediscover and reinvent our shining self.
Starting by feeling ourselves from a deep feeling of acceptance and self-love, we will practice how we can feel each other, learn how to walk together, synchronise our rhythms, sense where the other is at, and how to meet in the middle. We will go into dance journeys to dissolve our borders, melt and experience togetherness as a deeply transformative experience.
Through the conscious movement of our body, we can access deep states of trance that can transform our existence and prepare us to transform the way we live. The deep experience of feeling one with life can transform our existence, heal us and prepare us to be the change we expect to see in the world.
If you are interested in healing your relationship with yourself and remembering how to be with others while respecting who you are, this dance cycle is for you.
Dancing not only triggers positive emotions and feelings but it can also be healing and transformative. In this dance cycle, we will explore some of the different ways dancing can allow us to heal, connect with our full potential and with others, and experience life beating strong inside of us. We will dance with the clear intention to wake up our inner sun as a metaphor for the energy that connects us with life and supports us when the going gets tough.

Place: Life Artist Creators Hub (Milastrasse 4, 10437)

Price: €160

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