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We have more than a decade experience supporting Non Governmental Organisations to refine their vision and mission, align their activities more clearly with this and develop monitoring and evaluation tools to ensure they stay on course.

Through strategy workshops, training sessions, online technical support, leadership coaching, or on-site work with teams, our NGO partners develop greater team motivation, connect more with their beneficiairies, are better able to show the impact they mean to achieve and where they are at on this path.

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Social Businesses

Increasingly social enterprise, purpose-driven business, or social business are seen as a core tool to creating a sustainable economy which serves the needs of society using a financially sustainable business model.

As this is a very new field, many founders and entrepreneurs taking this route find themselves reinventing the wheel. We work with leaders and their teams to connect to networks of others creating social businesses, create clarity of purpose and alignment of activities towards this purpose, ensure stability for their teams, and develop new ways of functioning which are also in line with a social organisation.

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Businesses in transition

Increasingly even the largest businesses are feeling the need to transition to being sustainable, integrating wellbeing for their employees and stakeholders, and demonstrating a clear social purpose that they drive towards.

We work with such businesses, once there is the clear desire from top leadership to transition towards a more sustainable, purposeful and healthy way of working. Through purpose-finding workshops, cultural transformation processes, leadership or group coaching, and on-site work we provide the safe space for exploration and transformation.

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