We support you to get ready to lead the change making your work more meaningful and effective by: 

Evaluating your current state

Through self-evaluations, expert assessments and iterative learning journeys we help you gather comprehensive perspectives about your organisation and the work you’re doing from those who matter.

Developing purpose-driven strategies

We support you to develop powerful purpose-driven strategies which will change the game, contributing to create a healthier and more meaningful ways of working, relating and living. 

Building the cultures + skills to move

We train, coach and support you and your teams to co-create the culture you dream of, and develop the skills, leadership, impact monitoring and learning frameworks to get your organisation in motion towards it’s purpose.

We do this by:

Supporting individual game-changers (inter – intrapreneurs), their organisations, and the whole systems in which they function to change. When we work together, we craft a tailored approach to meet your needs, resources and ways of working. Usually this combines some of the following methods – both online and offline.

  • Participative and interactive workshops
  • Coaching of individuals and teams
  • Individualised trainings and online courses
  • Technical support in producing documents & tools
  • Learning journeys and experiential learning

How we support Gamechangers

Individual Gamechangers

We provide spaces for Gamechangers to clarify their purpose, understand how the skills and resources they have can contribute to this purpose and how they can build their skills or access all the support, networks and resources they need to make their impact as powerful as possible.

With the Gamechanger's Journey you can supercharge your Gamechanger abilities! Learn more about the journey below.

Gamechangers in organisations

Gamechangers are sometimes working alone, but usually are within larger companies, organisations or communities. Many are wanting to work in wholy new, healthier and more regenerative ways.

We support them to do this through our coaching and consulting work, and with the "Purpose Led Business" course. See below for more details.

Gamechangers transforming systems

All Gamechangers are living and working within larger systems (the corporate world, the INGO sector, etc). We believe many issues cannot be solved at the individual or organisational level, but require addressing the systemic level.

In 2020 we co-led with partners 3 systemic change processes: in the INGO sector, the corporate partners of Factory Berlin and Embodiment sector in Berlin.

Testimonials from some of our clients, 

« As a company leader with an engineering background and no previous experience in coaching, I wasn’t sure how useful this would be for me. It turned out to be a game changer. Mike’s outstanding experience and commitment enabled me to not only navigate challenging situations of the moment but to identify and work on core personal traits that helped me become a more effective manager and a better person. I recommend P+M without reservation to anyone willing to work on themselves and the world around them. » D.D.

« We have really enjoyed the sessions with P+M – they’ve been so helpful for us to come together as a team and it’s been great to also see your facilitation style (sometimes one of the best ways to learn is by watching someone whose style you admire). » L.M.